About Us

Who are we?

Nuclear Fruit Salad was started in 2009 as a computer technical support business, quickly branching out into graphic design, architectural pre-vis, digital photographic restoration, 3d modelling, website design, and programming.

This mish-mash of different skillsets was what gave birth to the company name and the slogan, "We do a little bit of everything".


What do we do?

Nuclear Fruit Salad currently provide the following:

  • Computer parts to north west NSW
  • Website design and maintenence, such as SEO and website programming.
  • Custom software solutions

Although we specialise in services and support for customers and businesses based in rural and regional Australia, we have a wide variety of customers from other fields and countries.

Who are our clients?

Over the years we have had a diverse range of clients including:

  • A university lab
  • A multinational scientific instrument organisation
  • A custom software solutions business
  • An art gallery
  • A folk duo
  • Business chambers
  • Rural businesses
  • Custom merchandise suppliers
  • Farmers

Our clients are ordinary people from Australia and all over the world, we pride ourselves on working closely with them to find a solution that fulfills the requirements of each job.