Features of our Websites

Below you will find the more common features that our websites have.

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Easy to use Backoffice

Easy to use Backoffice feature image easyToUse_Example.jpg

The content management system we use is one of the easiest for our clients to use that we have ever found.

On logging in you can select from Content or Media, so there is no page data in any unusual places.

Your pages are displayed as editable nodes, organised as a tree.

When a node is clicked a panel displays all the options for that node you can change. This means you can only edit what you are supposed to edit and no code is on view.


Using this system you will be able to setup users to only edit certain nodes, setup visitor logins, and dynamically change your website quickly and easily.

Simple Design

Simple Design feature image nfsLogobig.png

We specialise in trying to simplify the navigation on your site so that visitors can quickly and easily find the information they are after.
This means happier visitors and more likely return visits.

Check out our whole website, there are 3 completely different sections with their own content, but it is all easily accessible from our mega menu.


All our websites work on multiple devices with different screen sizes. Adjusting and resizing layout as necessary to fit all the information onto any device.

Unique Design

Unique Design feature image balls-1015627_640.jpg

Ever see a website that looked almost identical to another? this is usually because they are both using the same theme or website template.

While using themes and templates can speed up production these elements are not optimised for SEO, and may rely on outdated javascript frameworks or libraries leading to security and functionality being compromised.

Being generic, templates and themes are not designed for your specific logo, menu size, and colour scheme.


At Nuclear Fruit Salad we do not use pre-designed themes or templates for your website, this means that you get a unique website that will look distinct from your competitors. We can tailor the website to your design requirements.

If you have an crazy idea you want put into practice that you don't see on any website, let us know what it is! We are always keen to try a new way of doing things!

Built-in SEO

Built-in SEO feature image seo-1108457_640.jpg

Nuclear Fruit Salad websites can have built-in search engine optimisation (SEO), so that Google, Bing, and other search engines can find and identify content more readily.

This can rank your site higher in natural results and also enable rich snippets of information in the search engine.



Actual Text for headings
All the text on our websites is actually text. No matter how fancy it looks, google can still read it!

Meaningful Links
We always try to make sure any links on the website use keywords and are well-named for what they access.

This allows us to tell search engines what type of data is on a page, such as: an article, and organisation, an event etc.

Auto Generating Sitemaps
We create sitemaps that your website automatically generates whenever a web-bot looks for it. This means when a search engine crawls your website, the sitemap that is used will be up-to-date.


Of course this is only half the picture, if you wish we can embed analytics into your website and you can monitor keyword hits and launch adwords campaigns.


Our system can be put onto cloud servers for auto-scaling up when it gets lots of traffic.

This is especially useful for organisations who host videos or have 'live' events that may see spikes in traffic.

Advanced Functionality

Our system is capable of handling background calculations as well as integrating with a wide variety of external APIs such as access to payment gateways like eWay, PayPal etc.


This means we can extend the system to do almost anything, need a customer management area? Or a bookkeeping system integrated with payment gateway payments?