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The freedom to start small

Steampunk 1636156 1920
Steampunk 1636156 1920

As the content management system is free this allows small businesses to keep up to date on the latest version whilst only paying minimal support and hosting fees plus the initial development cost.

There are some industry internal websites designed and built by members of our team that are still running fine after nearly 10 years without any major intervention.

By embracing the slightly larger short-term cost of setting up page 'components' rather than fixed-design pages, the owner can change the site pages 'look' at will, modify where pages are situated in the layout which changes the navigational layout, and changes to logos and sometimes the brand colours.

Some of the native features of our websites:

  • Security - Umbraco includes good security but we add extra attention to server settings to make sure the site is secure. See here for more info.
  • Easy-to-use backend - One of the easiest systems for clients to use.
  • Microdata - This is a SEO feature that gives web-crawlers more information to raise your site's standing with google, yahoo etc. See here for more info.
  • Truly Responsive - this means at different size screens our site will present itself to work with that size, but not usually duplicate code. It also means if someone is using an assistive device or simply has the screen zoomed the site presents itself well. We also make sure that on 2k - 4k+ screens, the site still looks good and doesn't increase white space excessively.


4k screen size usage comparison website at 4k, note the large amount of whitespace and tiny text

Flexibility for medium-scale business

Teamwork 3213924 1920
Teamwork 3213924 1920

As the CMS we use is highly extensible (we can extend core functionality easily), it means we can extend this to external integration or extend internal information gathering. 

Our members have been involved in building integrations with hotjar, paypal/payway/eway and other payment gateway systems.

We can also build custom backend solutions that allow you to have a new section with it's own interface within the Umbraco administration for whatever you want, with custom db storage for data or exporting.

Whatever needs you have, we will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution that meets your current and future needs

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Key 1600617 1920

Capabilities most requested:

  • Visitor Logins - Allowing a website visitor to login
    • Member logins are a separate system from admin logins.
    • This allows for logins to have access to restricted pages based on a member type you have assigned to them.
    • We can set it up so some members have access to enact payments, others may only be able to view certain information.
  • Digital Magazine - either where you construct your own within the backend or integrating with online providers such as ISSUU etc.
  • Present or Import data from a 3rd party - This can be done in such a way as to create new pages on your site, update existing pages, or present the data to visitors (or only members), however you want the information stored is up to you.

There are a wide variety of pre-existing plugins already developed for Umbraco including:

  • Umbraco Forms - a forms builder with a decision tree allowing different pages and fields to be displayed on the form depending on the visitor's choices or other options on the decision tree.
  • USync - A staging to production deployment system for website administrators, allowing you to update and preview your pages on a private server first, then deploy the changes you want to update to production.
  • Umbraco Commerce - An expensive but all inclusive commerce plugin for Umbraco, allowing you to run and manage a digital shopfront, this includes analytics and other more advanced features of digital shopping.
  • UMarketing - A marketing analytics suite that runs internally avoiding 3rd party plugin security, privacy, javascript, and browser issues, it allows for A/B testing,visitor personalisation & profiling, and in-depth analytics.

The sky is the limit

Building 1727807 1920
Building 1727807 1920

Natively, our systems support:

  • Multiple Languages - Have multiple versions of a page for each language.
  • Multi-tenanted Sites  - running multiple websites from the one, this means you can have shared information between the different sites, whilst also keeping .
  • Site Scaling on cloud - Need auto-scale the website to cope with influxes of visitors? We can do this using Azure Cloud either scaling up (increasing the server resources), or scaling out (the site is copied to multiple servers with the same resources).


Other commonly requested features that are applicable:

  • ERP Integration - Often with the addition of Umbraco Forms clients also want to send data from the submissions to CRM/ERP systems like Dynamics, SAP, Salesforce etc. Using a plugin we develop, you can easily assign the data you wish to submit to these external providers form the form and assign the provider specific title to the data. The plugin then handles the submission of the data.
  • 3rd Party Admin Logins - Often this will be Azure AD B2B or other authentication for you backend users, we can also map out the groups the user is part of to restrict access to your backend system. We can also implement Google identities and other authentication providers.